New UE4 Developer looking for projects for no money. Only name in credits of game.

Hello guys,
I am a new developer on ue4 looking to learn new things and will be doing unpaid work for over a year without any problems in exchange for a name in the credits of the game.
P.S. I am very new so don’t expect me to do everything I am just a noob :stuck_out_tongue:

Meet me here and we can talk a training schedule for you.

Resending because first attempt seemed bugged:

Meet me here and we can talk about your training schedule and goals.

Please email me at

We can talk about your current knowledge base and what training regimen will be right for you. We can also talk about what we’re currently working on.

Hey @Panther20 and @coolplayer2090, I accept your conditions, You never pay me, I will work in you project for free.Please email me about the information,