new UE4 architecturale video

Hi guys !

I’m coming to you just to share my new project.

Feel free to give your feedbacks :smiley:


Great work, Yanton.
Did you have to tweak the BaseLightmass.ini to get the nice lighting or was everything left to default

Thank you branskyj !

Yes I did, you should have a look to the thread about lightmass, it’s very helpfull and becomes easy when you understand what each line does.

Very nice!

Looks great…

Great job. Short, sweet, and a good mix of shots. Nice video edit, too.

I like it. I prefer simple realistic scenes like this over a complex non realistic looking scenes. Good floor, carpet, everything, even the walls. Good work

Wow! Thanks for all your comments guys it encourages me to do better next time :slight_smile: !

Actually my settings are in medium mode so it was just a test for the lighting, this is why the scene is not full of props.