New UE3/UE4 first impressions

I just discovered that UE4 was free yesterday - wow I promptly downloaded the software in excited anticipation.

My first impressions (and I am just learning from the beginning)

UE4 constantly locks out my computer even to the point that I have to reboot my PC. MY PC is an I7.
I don’t remember UE3 ever doing that to my PC.

UE4 has so few assets/effects compared to UE3
Perhaps the free ones we can use, can all be put into one location for ease off access (rather than having to create new levels in each of the free learning modules).

In UE3 trees used to move in the wind, I haven’ seen a wind effect parameter on trees, grass etc in UE4 (yet, but maybe that’s just me being new)

Where is a simple water plane, waterfall etc

Can we not use all UE3 assets in UE4 ?

Potentially the software looks absolutely brilliant (especially as it is free). Great for the hobbiest again. However I think we just need more assets/effects to play with
and speed it up so that it doesn’t constantly crash the computer.


Please report crashes and bugs you run into following the instructions here.

Foliage made with SpeedTree has built in wind functionality you can set in the material. You just need to place a Wind Directional Source actor into your level in order to see the effect. If it is some foliage you made you can use Flipbook Wind function in the material, examples of which you can find here.

Check out the Learn tab in Launcher > Engine Feature Samples > Water Planes.

No. You can export UDK meshes as FBX and then import into UE4 though.

When you dont want to download the foilage pack, you could take a look at this video: :slight_smile:

I’ve got no problems with speed on my computer.
However, I just wish there was some way to make shaders compile faster.

Thanks Jacky

Sorry I am still trying to get my head around this - so if I start a new project (say Proj1) - can I import the water plane assets from this feature sample into my project ? or assets/materials /textures/blueprints from say Elemental demo into my Project, or is there a different way that I should be doing this ?

After you download such projects/contents you will notice that projects have Create Project and contents have Add to Project option. Those water planes are a content pack so you can add them to any project you have once they are downloaded. For full projects like Elemental; download > create project > select any asset you want to get in Content Browser > right click > Asset Actions > Migrate > show your project’s Content folder as destination.

Thanks Jacky,

I appreciate your quick response & help. :slight_smile: