New Twitch Stream for Live Blueprint Tutorials!

First off I wanted to thank you for doing these tutorials. I am still trying to wrap my head around blueprints and the more tutorials I watch the more I’m beginning to understand the visual programming.

I am not sure how difficult what I am going to ask you is but if it is something you can do a tutorial it would help me alot.
I want to make a bunch of platforms that move up and down randomly.
Lets say we have 10 platforms and every 30secs they change…maybe 3 will go up and 7 down then 30secs later 2 of the 3 will stay up and 2 others will move up also…just randomly. I am unsure I explained it right but I’m sure if you can make a tutorial on what you understood I could tweek it to what I need.

Once again thank you and I look forward to you next twitch tutorial

I can certainly try to come up with something that will work for you! It probably won’t be in today’s stream unless you remind me during the stream, but I will try to fit it in either Friday or next Wednesday for sure!

youtube channel please :slight_smile:

I’ve already started the upload process to the youtube, which should be here:

It hasn’t populated yet and I’m not sure how long it typically takes twitch to upload to youtube, but it should be sometime soon (I hope)! Here is the countdown for today’s stream!

Uh lord, that would be 2am in the night for me. Guess i will have to look into the recap.

But you inspired me enough to start my own stream soon, where i just show something easy off like you do.
Hmpf, i need to finaly start the tutorial series. >.<

another stream tonight, sweet:)

yeah, that’s 1am for me in the UK, although like I said its good thing I’m nocturnal;)

Yes yes, me too, but not if i have to get up early tomorrow :X

See you there!

true but at lest watching the video later lets you pause/re-watch or skip bits…ect:D

Stream is starting in 15 minutes if anyone would like to know more about Unreal Engine 4 blueprint scripting (or you just want to troll me…that’s fine too!). Come out and join the fun!

Great job last night!

Thanks Tkfore21!

I looked into my elevator script today and I’m fairly certain it should have worked the way I had it. I’ve got to play with it more to see if I can figure out why it is so far over what I’m looking for. Hope to see you out tomorrow!

Hey Adam!

I couldnt stay all the way for the stream last night, it kept buffering/disconnecting and lagging for me. :\ I couldnt watch exi and ’ streams today either and i’m suspecting its the quality since i have no problem watching Epic’s official stream in medium. Is there an option for you to let us choose the video quality?

Video quality is only available for Twitch Partners ):

I could switch to a youtube stream. I guess you can set the quality there, but i don’t know if can stream on youtube or if it is a partner thing too.

Unfortunately I’m not sure what I can do about it at present, I’ll have to look more into what I can do/if I can do anything as I’m not a twitch partner. I know there is a twitch turbo mode that I haven’t looked into to see what you get for it and my home internet is not business class (I don’t plan on doing streams to make money so no point in upgrading at present) so unfortunately until I find a better option I can’t do too much about it.

As far as i know, quality settings are only available for partners. So even “Turbo” won’t give you that extra.
Turbo has no such feature in the list (i just checked). So if you really plan on making your stream visible for all
types of inet connection, you may consider looking into youtube streams.

I’ll definitely have a look to see if it would work for what I want to do! I’m definitely interested in making the videos available to more people. Keep in mind that the videos “should” be uploading to youtube so eventually they will be available there. I need to check with twitch to see what is going on there as I haven’t received any additional information about it.

Yes, you can set to save the streams in your accounts settings and later create a highlight video that can be exported to youtube. Believing my email, the video was uploaded within 30minutes after i told twitch to do so. The video was 2 hours long.

Ok so you have to create a highlight to be able to export? The video tutorial I had watched didn’t cover that, would explain why my past broadcast hasn’t posted yet. I’ll mess around with that tonight or tomorrow to see if I can get it uploaded properly! Thank you, eXi. Also, stream starts in:

If that’s the case, dont worry about it. I’ll follow you all on Youtube afterwards. :slight_smile: