New Twitch Stream - Come to learn :)

Hey guys, after the weekend a lot of guys asked to do more streams, so i am creating a channel dedicated to that.

I am still working on available times / schedule to do this but i hope to help some guys starting and solving general problems.

I am live at:


Seems nice but are you a programmer or an artist?

He’s a programmer

awesome, start off with beginner stuff :smiley:

Watched it for a bit last night. My one suggestion is know the material before trying to teach it. Have a lesson prepared instead of trying to wing it / asking people in the IRC channel to come help.

Infected, i am sorry to hear that. Was most because of a issue related to movement component that made the npc dont collide :frowning:

I promisse it will get better.

Streaming today in few minutes.


Eh, was just 0.02. I did pick up a few things from watching, though. :slight_smile:

Oh sweet! I’m definitely going to attend as much as I can! :slight_smile: