New Tutorials?

Just wondering when new tutorials are going to come out. I’d really really love to see an Unreal version of Unity’s Roll a Ball tutorial. It was a “jump right in” type of thing. Even though it was extremely simple, I learned a lot and made a game in 4 hours. However nearly a month with Unreal engine, and I have nothing to show for it. I’d love for Unreal to make a tutorial on how to make a quick and simple game, just to motivate beginners and get them used to the engine, instead of the usual slow-learning tutorials already available, no offense to the staff. Hope you guys consider it, thank you for your time. :slight_smile:

Hi Fireheart251,

All these packs that you can start with or add to an existing project are designed to do what you are asking. You can publish and play them as is, or replace the defaults with your own custom assets:

Feature Packs.png

Let me know if you are talking about something more and I’ll put in a Feature Request.

Thanks for the feedback!

Well, there are many different “Small game” tutorials on official youtube channel

Third-person game
Twin stick shooter

Time attack racing

Radial impact

2D sidescroller