New Tutorial Idea

I’d like to introduce a new tutorial idea using the online flowchart maker which can quickly and intuitively illustrate how assets connect. I have created 3 charts and will be making more, but I want to get some feedback on the clarity of the charts.

The symbols are arbitrary and ignore flow chart conventions since these are not flow charts, but instead show how assets reference each other.
I used orange for maps, grey for components, and blue for everything else.
To use my template, copy it to your google drive and install in your google drive: Template.xml - Google Drive


Mod Core Setup


Adding your item to a crafting station


Add new structure variants


Good stuff here duke.

Got a question for you as it seems you know a bit about this stuff. I am brand new to all this so bear with me if this question makes no sense at all. I am trying to learn what I can. When we are creating a new structure we not only have to make the structure but we have to reference this structure in the primal game data BP. So every mod has this primal game data BP customized to meet the needs of said mod. Now I assume (possibly incorrectly) that whatever server I am playing on would have its own version of a primal game data BP as well controlling all of the other settings that come in that asset. How in the world can all of these individual mod BP’s exist at the same time at the main one and what happens if say I change some stat in my mod that effects something else? Or, if these files are only for the local game mode and are basically ignored when carried over to someones server, how is this reference link to the new structure incorporated into the servers BP.

I am probably over thinking this and highly misleading myself but I am just trying to figure out if changing any of the other numerous options in this file is a waste of time, does anything or possibly even really a bad idea as it would cause a problem somewhere.

Thanks man.