New trees for Unreal Engine from Evermotion


You may be interested that our company (Evermotion) just announced Archmodels for UE vol. 4 - it’s a collection of trees models + a complete Unreal Engine scene (EDIT: grass included).

(EDIT: Added Timelapse video to this post)


  • 60 models: 54 trees + stones, bough, trunk and fern models.
  • All foliage models are animated.
  • Added 12 animated cameras using new sequence edtior.
  • Trees have vertex paint for Unreal Engine.
  • Each model has at least 1k textures for leaves and 2k textures for trunk.
  • Average polycount: 80k.
  • Trees included in this collection come from northern hemisphere climat zone. This collection consist of European and North American species.

Files will be available for download on 2016.08.30. But now you can see 4K 60 fps video and pre-order collection in a special, introductory price (€90).

And just for the dessert, some still images (VBulletin form is buggy today and I cannot upload them as images, only as links):

More information: Evermotion Shop. PS. We have them for CryEngine too.

If you have any comments, we will be glad to hear them! :slight_smile:

this is a really good pack, too bad there is no grass included :s

Grass is included! :slight_smile:

I’m sorry but there is no grass model or shader included in this amazing pack

If you buy this product, grass model and grass material is included in the scene.

Are there LODs for the trees and grass?

Nice models!
That scene in the video has static or dynamic light?

Cool stuff!

It’s totally dynamic :slight_smile:

Hi guys! You can watch a timelapse video to show how we scattered all elements in the scene! As Thom said - the whole scene and grass models are included in this collection. Cheers! :slight_smile:

the polygon mesh too high…

I download PDF … not found LOD mesh

There are no LODs for these trees - they are made mainly for high quality arch-viz, not games. the scene that you see is totally capable for real-time navigation / archviz presentation on machine with GeForce 980 card.

If you devlopment VR Archviz… , I don’t belive FPS can be stable for 980 card

It looks nice but it’s a shame the polycount is so high, come on guys! LODs are a must! otherwise it would be unusable for VR.

Could always try and make your own with LODs instalod, highly recommend it you haven’t tried it already.

Hi, you mentioned 60fps at 4k, could you give your machine specs?


love your models but since I am a student I don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for hq arch viz assets

I believe its aimed at the pre-rendered viz crowd, so LOD’s aren’t really an issue. Also a decent viz machine will have a 980ti or above so you should be able to push 15fps+ with these no problem.

Dredging this up a little here, but having purchased this set, I’m a little confused as to its application in a typical archviz baked light scene. No matter what I do, I can’t seem to reduce the massive amounts of AO in the materials. 1 or 2 of the trees respond well to changing the AO multiplier/LERP, others not so much. They just “tighten” the AO down to black splotches.

This is the case whether I drag the mesh into the scene or use the foliage tool. Meshes are set to movable, and directional light is either stationary or movable. I have also tried turning on generate mesh distance fields, though this seems to make little difference in a lightmass scene.

Curious as to whether these work in a traditional baked lightmass scene? The meshes that do work look fantastic I will add.

The trees are good. I just have a problem that my UE 4.20 doesn’t want to cook till the end with part of them. I migrated 3-4 but still many messages for missing assets…Could you tell me what am i doing wrong?