New Tour Video - Small Apartment

Hello guys!

I’d like to share with you the following sneak peek of an apartment I’ve been working on lately

Thanks for your comments and feedback!

Camera is a bit weird but the scene is looking really nice!

If I may ask, the table at 0:03, is the top glass? If yes, how did you create the illusion of volume in the glass? (It looks like it has what in vray would be called fog and corona absorption, meaning it gets less translucent the thicker it gets).

I agree with Schan, the camera rotation makes me feel a little uneasy. Looks more like a Arch Viz prop demo than an apartment tour, because there’s nothing to give a sense of the layout of the room.

Looks good, as for the slight camera rotations, it could be youtube’s stabilization algorithm that kicked in ?

In terms or architectural presentation Zac has me covered, though I would add that the fragments I actually see, suggest good taste and elegance: hues are balanced, materials are evocative, but again no sense of space.
In terms of rendering I really like the light and most materials. Since you chose to “show off” the props, I’ll be picky and comment the back of the couch, where the aqua marine fabric looks odd. Few other details.
Overall good stuff!

Simulating hand-held camera in ArchViz is not a good idea…

Hello All

Thanks for your comments

The Project is still in development and the client doe not allow us to show the whole space, therefore I´ve created this short sneak peek just to get some feedback from the community.
(In fact those are 3 different units from the same building that’s the main reason that the distribution is kinda confusing).

Regarding the camera I wanted to try the noisecam that come along with the photorealistic character but this won´t be in the final project.

The lightning calculation will be improved with a bigger lightmap

For the glass table I´ve used two different glass materials and two different IDs (It was the easiest way I found)

Hope to keep receiving your comments, It helps me a lot to improve my work


thanks, thats a cool idea, it wont help for glasses and jars but is good for blades of glass, like a shower screen, thanks man!

Nice work! =)

Can you say what light setup you did? LIke bounce cards? Or spotlights as light portals in windows? Skylight settings? I really like the lighting. DOin a Apartment atm… and having a tough time nailing the light.

UPDATE: With this work I´ve been selected selected as one of the three winners in NVIDIA Developer program in August. I´ve seen amazing developments and stunning projects out there, and just being considered is an incredible honor!. Definetely an inspiration to keep improving my work. Thanks so much!!! :):):slight_smile:

Hello! sorry for replying so late. I´ve only used portals and the skylight has a 10X multiplier. I could share an screenshot for the lightning setup but it´s not that fancy :wink:

Ahhh Thxs for the info. Tool a break from learning but happy O did. Opened up my project and its nice since i havent seen in in 10 days. But I will try ur technique of the skylight being 10 amd only portals.

So i looked at the video. Jeebus, canera workit looked amzing imo. Lots of ppl critizised it but i think it was beautiful. Im about to do the final light bake and actually do the camera work. I attempted it but couldnt figure out how to get the camera to record.