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Good evening/morning,
Complete noob to game dev. I started with Unity, minor dev experience and really like the flow and visuals of UE4. What are some basic tips and tricks, info, or general knowledge I should know? Also, in order to release a game after development what does it take? I’ve also always been interested in making horror survival(I’m sure very common) what are the appropriate steps to take in making a map with multiple floors with minimal to no level loading screen (i.e the most recent RE:Biohazard game. I noticed that you can enter the house and floors w/o what appears to be a collider for new level. Please correct if wrong. Many questions. All legitimate info will be heard and used in dev.

Thank you for your time.


A good tip is to look at the documentation when you are stuck with something: There you can find a solution for nearly every problem :slight_smile:
Regarding your level question -> you can use level streaming for such kind of maps:

Before you should start with a real game I would recommend you to learn the basics of the UE4 (documentation, template projects, tutorial videos,…) so that you know how to use the engine.

Figure out early on if you work better from examples or from docs / tutorials.
There are many free samples on the forums, but you have to hunt for them…