New to Unreal, please help me with implementing "Turn in place" animations for a Twin Stick Shooter

I’m very new to Unreal (about 2 months, and loving it)

I have yet to find a solution for applying my “turn in place left/right from idol” animations for a Twin stick shooter. I can only find solutions that apply to a first or third person setup, where the turn axis is clearly along one axis (left or right on the thumbstick), as opposed to a twin stick setup where the right thumbstick’s rotation is coming from a “Rotate from X Vector” node (360 degrees of rotation, not just Left or Right) This is my BP for my Right thumbstick rotation (I got from following Unreal’s youtube Twin Stick tutorial)

I am truly stumped on how I can get my “Rotation from X Vector” and make a variable that can tell if I am turning left or turning right in relation to my character while not moving my left thumbstick direction/player position. I hope this makes sense, It’s difficult for me to describe. Any help would greatly be appreciated, thank you very much in advance.

Do you need to get the rotation of the camera (which is fixed, yes?), then the difference between that and the rotation of the thumbstick rotation, and apply that rotation to the actor/player?

To be honest, I’m not sure what I need, or even know how I would write that out in BP…Could you please take the time to explain what you mean by getting the difference between the camera and thumbstick rotation, I didn’t even think of that as a possibility. Thank you so much for your time in helping me out.

I’m pretty new to Blueprint/C++ and all the logic that follows, so I’m still trying to grasp what needs to be done in certain situations…

I have a fixed camera, Left thumb stick is my character movement, right thumbstick is the rotation, Right trigger is to shoot my gun… With a bunch of animations for my character, that’s basically the extent of what I have so far.

I implemented the run cycle/walk cycles, strafe cycles, and shooting, but have no idea how to determine which direction is left or right based on my character’s rotation for me to implement my turn in place animations, when Im NOT moving my left thumbstick, just my right thumbstick. As of right now, the character just pivots around like he is standing on a rotating Dish… I want to add my foot movements/turn in place animations depending on which direction I turn in.