New to Unreal. Never did 3Ds Max / Maya. Years in Blender. Not comfy.

Having a hard time adjusting to Unreal after spending years in Blender. Has anyone made a plugin that changes Unreal’s navigation to match Blenders? Will there be any attempt to fix Unreal’s navigation with an option menu in Edit Preferences with a drop down menu that lets us CHOOSE FOR OURSELVES what type of navigation we prefer? Like a menu that would say “Navigation like Maya” and “Navigation like Blender” so I’m not wasting my time trying to figure out all this on my own.

I cannot emphasize just how mentally stressful it is to readjust my thinking. I keep moving around the wrong directions. Enough stress to give up trying. I am not alone in this. Many of us came from Blender because unlike Max/Maya BLENDER IS FREE. That means there are more of us who use Blender than who use Max/Maya that will be trying Unreal.

Seriously need to respect the Blender community more.

Do you use Fly Mode in Blender? Just hold RMB and it will be the same WASD QE navigation.

It’s not so much Blender-versus-the-world, in fact most softwares have a different navigation scheme from one another. Including navigating in max to maya.

Correct. It is not just a Blender thingy. It’s a gamer thing. I changed a few settings and the rest I am just trying to get used to:

Edit > Editor Preferences > (search type word) viewport navigation > add spacebar as the 2nd option for UP next to “E”
because rotating through gizmos with a space bar is a quick ride to insanity when a spacebar in everything else imaginable is the jump up button.

Edit > Editor Preferences > (search type word) flight > change drop down menu to USE WDSA FOR CAMERA CONTROLS

Holding the middle mouse button down and moving the mouse is up and down but I do not see it in the keybind options. And having a gamer mouse I would have liked to keybind the gizmos to my side mouse keys but w/e oh well.

Why can’t we drag the mouse click across a node strand to break it? Why in editor options are we not allowed to assign all mouse moves including those that come with gaming mice by pushing the move down on the blank box? Why do games have more complex editors than the thing that makes games?

This tutorial helped me a lot:

Nvm. Forgot for the thousandth time to hold my right mouse button down to move with spacebar.

Edit > Editor Preferences > (search type word) viewport navigation > add spacebar as the 2nd option for UP next to "E"