New to Unreal need some help

Me and couple of friends decided to try Unreal
we were using Unity3d at first
but we had some issues some of the rigs/animations werent being read in unity so decided to try Unreal

anyways currently trying to fix the UI

but everytime i put an image in the “blueprint/canvas” the image keeps getting rescaled off proportion

trying to figure it out how to do this with the image keeping its UI proportions intact

It shouldn’t rescale itself. Can you post a screenshot of the UI BP and the way it looks when in editor after?

new to Unreal

So just scale the height up until it looks like it should. I dont know why it scales down like that. But that’s all it should be. And after adjusting the image save it. Normally I put the anchor in the middle of the canvas to read as the center of the screen when you add it to the viewport so the image isn’t off set. That works for me.