New to unreal, need help !

Hi, i am quite new to Unreal and i’m coming from Unity engine.

I’ve learned about code hierarchy - actors, pawns etc… i think i am getting confused about game modes and stuff around it !

I am experimenting with a racing game and i created a custom C++/Blueprint camera.
All the tutorials out there are about how to create a child camera attached to a spring arm.
I need the camera to be free in the scene and the game should find it and use it in begin play method.

**However, unreal creates another camera which is following the default pawn pivot and it is always used to render the scene instead of the custom camera which is in the scene already **!

How to tell unreal to use my custom camera instead of creating a new one !

Just a note, the car is custom C++ class derived from APawm and it is not using standard unreal vehicle classes !

This is bugging me for some time, so any help will be really much appreciated !

Cheers !

I guess SetViewTargetWithBlendcould help you.

This seems only possible if object is of type Player Controller. Is it not available otherwise !

@silik1 is right. Example:

If you just want to use a camera that is already in the scene and ignore any other that the player may have, then select that camera and:

Thanks, this actually does the job. I however wanted to make a BP camera which did not worked that way, at least i could make it to work.
I saw in a tutorial that this can be achieved in the Level Blueprint only once at BeginPlay. That actually works for now !

Anyway, thanks for the help guys !