New to Unreal, Having trouble Rotating a component of an actor determined by a box collision.

I am learning unreal and have been setting up a simple level where i can rotate a platform with a keystroke,( 1 & 2 keys respectively) I have followed some tutorials on how to make a door open if you have the key, I also created a keystroke event, when you press 1 or 2, A platform will rotate 90 degrees, I would like the door to be attached to the platform and rotate with the platform, but also to rotate relative to the platform when you have the correct key to open the door. I am having trouble figuring out which nodes i could use or should use, how i should set up a blueprint, or should i use multiple blueprints? I have included the blueprints, sorry for them being messy.

I tried to take a look at this, but it’s broken beyond use because none of the references make it.

You could make a new TP project and just migrate the assets to that and put it somewhere for download.

EDIT: Or draw a picture to explain it…

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The idea is pretty basic, I want to have a 2D side-scroller-like camera, move my character only on x and y axis, and would like to be able to rotate the world 90 degrees at will, this rotation should not affect the player movement( character movement relative to the facing of the camera.) Edit: Also would like to move the character on the z-axis, think of golden axe, or castle-crashers, except the world gets rotated by the player.

If you’re rotating the world like that, it’s actually a 3D game pretending to 2D, right?

When the world apparently rotates, it’s just the camera moving I assume.