New to unreal engine, quick question

Heya folks! So before I get bashed lol let me say that i’m utterly new to making games and such. I’v been using stencyl for a bit and have published a few games. I heard some good things of this engine so figured i’d take a look. So I downloaded the engine and ugh…i don’t even see an option for making a new game…anywhere… I mean, can you make games here? Because no where do I see an option for such.

I’m no expert on the engine but i would recommend to checkout the getting started on the documentation:

and these video tutorials.They will walk you through the hole process.

(Done with a previous version of the engine, some things will have changed a bit)

But to answer your question exactly, you need to press the big yellow Launch button on top left of the launcher and then follow these instructions:

From the launcher, you look at your library and Launch your engine version. Then Click on the New Project tab and Create Project using either a Blank template, or First person, or Third person, etc.

Always choose With Starter Content.

Good luck! :slight_smile: