New to Unreal Engine Editor!

First and foremost I apologize if I am breaking a rule or if I am out of bounds on the choice of forum to make this post…

A bunch of buddies of mine, who have known each other for years and years, are looking to jump-ship from our favorite game of all time, Quake (1996 original). Romero released the map sources, but we’ve only interested in one map… The Abandoned Base, DM3. I have successfully exported the map layout of DM3.MAP to DM3.OBJ , and honestly I know nothing about Unreal Engine Editor.

I’m not here begging for people to do the work for me, just politely inquiring about what is recommended for tackling this project in the least amount of time to end up with a working version of the map,keeping in mind I know absolutely zero about mapping. I’ve never created a map, but basically I have the map already. I just have a level layout/design, zero textures,lighting,weapon placements, no spawn points, everything is literally missing minus the geometry of the map lol…

Any suggestions , places for tutorials , anything you think would be helpful would be nice. Also , if anyone remembers what I am talking about and is interested in being apart of this, your more than welcome, but I am fully expecting to tackle this on my own,but welcome anyone wanting to take a bite off this nostalgic project.


Exported geometry usually has a lot of errors. So you need to recreate it all manually using exported obj file as guideline.
You have 2 options here: doing it out of CSG brushes, or recreating it all in Blender.I doubt you have 3dmax or maya and never done anything 3d, so grab blender and learn it.

CSG brushes vs Blender for your map:

  • CSG is in unreal laready, but it is very basic tool, it also cannot be rescaled later, so you need to have right scale of level from start.
  • Blender ( etc.) it is external 3d application, you need to learn more, but it has much better tools, and if you are serious about doing some game modding or even games later, you need to learn it anyway.

So grab blender, load your OBJ map there, watch tutorials about meshes and level creation for unreal and do it.

BTW. you should do all of this for Unreal Tournament which is developed currently, start doing this map for UT.

Or instead of recreating everthing you could also try to fix those errors -> just post them in there and we will help you to solve them :slight_smile:
Btw, here is a good blender basics tutorial