New to Unreal Engine 4 and Game Dev

So guys i am new to game dev and i would like to point me to some tutorials to get me runing in no time and some softwere that can help me in the process in making a game

Well, the software you need really all depends on what types of games you plan on working on, here is what I recommend:

•3DS (Anything)
•Adobe Photoshop (GIMP if you are on a budget) (Anything)
•Speedtree (Open-world games)
•World Machine (Open-world games)
•Make Human (If you are a beginner at character creation)

Tutorials/Learning: (Probably a bit vague)
•Epic Games’ tutorials on YouTube (Anything)
•Kleiner Baer’s Complex Day Night Cycle on YouTube (Day/Night cycles)
•The forums are a great place to learn

Thanks , how about c++ learning tutorials for ue4 ?

Download visual studio express/community and then start with this video: ?v=Q3AvZmZEPyc :slight_smile:

Some other useful links:v=PZiUtNaz9l0