New to UE4

Hey guys.
Not sure where to put this thread, so general discussion might be the best place.
So, i am new to UE4 and to game development in general. I have looked at some tutorials, but have a few questions i hope you can answer.

First; If i would want to, lets say some time in the future, create a game like skyrim (obv this is too big for one person, but its just an example), where do you design the cities / forrests / mountains?
Is this something you do inside the UE4, or do you need “design-programs” to make these assets? Also, the landscape, do you create an entire landscape in UE4?

Second; I have been searching a bit, and i see you can program UE4 in js. Would you recommend using js or c++?

You’ve probably heard these questions many times before, but it’s late in Norway now and im too lazy to search through the forums before i go to bed.

Thanks in advance,

Welcome to the community :slight_smile:

You definitely need to look at third party design software. You can only do very basic shape creation within UE4 itself. Thing slike Maya, 3DSMax, or Blender (for a free alternative) are a good starting point :slight_smile:

Landscapes - you -can- create them in UE4… but you’re probably going to have a bad time :stuck_out_tongue: Software like World Machine, or Scape (free) are great starting points there.

C++ is definitely the language of choice for programming in UE4.

Best of luck!

Could you post the link to that Scape software? I am having a hard time to find it…

Blueprints are a great way to get up and running quickly.

Start with the documentation

Apologies for the delayed reply. Been a bit ill.


I’m also new here and was thinking about starting a thread just like this, so I think I’ll keep the forum a bit cleaner and introduce myself here. :slight_smile:

My name is David and I’ve had an interest in game design for ages, but never really took it to the level of making a living out of it. When I was a teenager, I had some wild dreams of making some wicked games, but I ended up starting many projects and never following through to the end.

I’m a very small business owner (web design, hosting, digital marketing, etc.) and my lifestyle has been pretty occupied. In my downtime I’d binge watch all over Netflix, but after watching some videos on YouTube on what people have been creating with UE4, it put a spark back in me to check out the engine.

Although I’m already 29 and have a lot of work going on already, I plan on replacing my usual wasteful habits from Netflix and try this out just for fun or a hobby.