New to UE4? Wanna meet others like you and learn together? Read this thread then ^^

Hi there guys! Me and another newbie from forum are making simple (for now) racing game and we have a lot of great ideas waiting to be implemented. We both have a UE4 experience for 3 months.
Currently we managed to set our project to source control, now it works and we can work together (we have 100GB shared storage). We are a team of 3, the 3rd guy is an experienced c++ coder, but hes not from game dev industry, thou he still helps us with the project by doing some coding and he managed to set up Git working properly. Along the way hes teaching us to code C++.
Currently we are building a level and also working on physics. We have all assets required and even more. Its going to be a multiplayer racing game, with rockets, guns, explosions and even fights yeah + a lot more.
The point of the project is to colaborate with eachother, learn from eachother, share experience and yeahh maybe in the end it would be a game who knows.
So if someone of you intrested in joining us feel free to pm me in skype: pavlik-245 or in ue4 launcher chat. Everyone is wellcome despite your ue experience and whether you taking a shower in the morning or not.
The only one requirement is to really have a will to learn something new and to actually do something and not just messing around :\


hello, id be interested in joining, but do you use steam? id like to add u on steam instead…if thats ok?