[New to UE4] Problem with Pinch gesture input

Hi, I been working in a Zoom feature for a multi touch screen using the pinch gesture. I implemented the Pinch Axis map in the Input and I got the values for the zoom, everything ok so far.
The problem comes when testing the zoom system, the input gives me wrong values when zooming, sometimes when I’m zooming in would give me the values as I was zooming out. I haven’t found any documentation about the pinch gesture so it’ll be nice if someone would tell me how to handle this issue.
Here are some screenshots of my blueprint and my input settings.


Yes, the pinch gesture input seems broken.

Your idea got my pinch zoom working. Hope this helps.

UE4 Pinch to Zoom.jpg

@st.shaeen thank you for the link, that helped me a lot and solve for me the problem with the weird axis values from 0 to 1 and then from 1 to infinite.