New to Ue4 looking for a tutorial on how to pickup,carry,and throw objects(HL2 style).

So Ive been reading this tutorial here But its not quit what I want to do.I want to be able to permanently carry an object by pressing E then throw it with the left mouse button. Similar to how Half life 2 does it. This is just dragging them. Does anyone know of any blueprint tutorials that does what im talking about?

Ive been playing around with the UE4 editor making maps and stuff for the last couple years and so ive decided to get into the blueprints in order to make a little test game. But none of the tutorials show how to integrate the first person camera with picking up objects.

I also want to know if Im supposed to add that onto the existing first person blueprint graph or am I supposed to create a new component.Because right now im working on creating my own first person character camera from scratch as practice.

@DarthSith, this does what you are asking:

You can pick up, examine an item in 3D, then put it back, drop it, or take it. Once you have it, you can examine it again in 3D from an inventory interface, drop it, throw it, or use it. The throw lets you hold down the mouse button to ‘charge’ the throw force - when released the item is thrown from your pov.

Its only $19.99 and comes with extensive instructions on how to modify/tweak. You can also use it to take parts from and put in other projects like the throwing, etc. Instructions pdf here:

Let me know if you have any questions about the inventory system. - Best wishes, Jerry