New to UE4 and Blueprints just need a little help

Hello Great People of the internet

For my University project iv been following this tutorial Unreal Engine Tutorial - Bullet Physics/Projectile Physics and Penetration Part 3/5 - YouTube

Now I’m up to 5:10 and have managed to re create the whole branch apart from i can find any information to get these 3 points in the image , can someone help me then I can continue to follow the tutorial.



Hello CBMP,
I have just checked the video you have posted. I think the “projectile movement” is a component of the ProjectileBlueprint. You can add the projectile in the top right corner. I would guess that he just renamed it to Projectile movement…
When you drag the lines from the projectile you can excess the velocity and the initial speed nodes…

Hope this solves your problem.


Projectile Movement is a component of a pawn. You could add it by clicking “add component” button. The rest 2 are 2 variables of projectile movement. Drag the wire out of projectile movement node, then release, type the name of them to add these 2 nodes.