New To this, I created a day and night cycle yet there is a strange light at the top of the level

I’ve tried everything online to get rid of this color but it seems to not be working, of course I’m new so I could be missing something simple but I still don’t know what to do. if someone could answer this it would mean a lot. I assume this light was supposed to follow with the sun rotation but everything I do it seems to not work…

i assume it has something todo with the skysphere?

I’m rather certain it has to do with the atmospheric fog, or sky atmosphere if using SunSky. I’m not sure exactly what settings, but try to adjust the Mie scattering settings. Try also to adjust the Rayleigh distribution over height, and any ‘offset’ type settings. It definitely looks like Mie scattering is involved though. Look up the doc page for SunSky while you’re at it. It has a number of interactive example screenshots to see how different settings affect a scene.

Thank you so much man. It was the sun multiplier setting in atmospheric fog. It was at 1and turned it down to .1 and it disappeared. Appreciate it…

You’re welcome. I thought it was the SunSky because when I modified settings to see what happens, I got results like that. Sun Multiplier only affects the sun disc and sky. Fog Multiplier affects the atmosphere and reflectance of illumination / scattering near the ground, or anywhere not in the sky. Mie scattering can generate a similar effect when it’s modified enough.