New to modding questions

I just started playing around with the devkit a few days ago, but I am semi-familiar with UE4 and I have a few questions.

  1. I remapped the ankylo character bp and can spawn a fertilized egg via…

Event Graph: Event BeginPlay -> Delay(3) -> CreateCloneFertilizedEgg -> PrintString(“test”)

And everything works fine. The egg spawns with the egg layers levels and hatches correctly and the print string fires correctly as well. If I change “Event BeginPlay” with “Event BPUnstasis” nothing happens … ever. I’m assuming the event gets fired when the ankylo leaves stasis, but it doesn’t appear to be doing so. Am I missing something? Is there documentation somewhere on the exact scenarios required to fire each event?

Also if I override “BPBecomeBaby” and add a print string to it as well it doesn’t fire when the baby hatches. Is there a better way to debug things instead of using Print String?

I want to assume that unstasis is called only when the state changes from stasis. So, if you’re spawning something, it doesn’t enter stasis, thus never transitioning from stasis.

I can walk up to it, then walk away far enough that it goes into stasis, wait 2+ minutes, go back and it still doesn’t fire as I’m expecting it to.

You have to enable the BPUnstasis Event by checking “Trigger BPUnstasis” in the Defaults.

Thanks that worked perfectly :slight_smile:

Here’s a link to what I’m working with so far Spawning a fertilized egg posted by anonymous | blueprintUE | PasteBin For Unreal Engine 4

It doesn’t show in the link, but I have have SpawnDino->DinoClass set to Ankylo_Character_BP_Remap (though it would probably be better for me to set to the regular Ankylo BP instead of the remapped version as I’m assuming it would delete the hatched dinos if someone were to remove the mod.)

Is there a way to get/set a fertilized egg’s or wild dino’s attributes such as dino level and specific stats such as health, melee, etc… or even apply forced level ups onto a fertilized egg or wild dino?

What I’m trying to achieve is work around the problem that … say … a level 120 wild dino lays a fertilized egg then the baby’s level will be 120. If a player “tames” a dino, they get bonus levels due to taming effectiveness and thus a tamed wild level 120 dino can be up to level 179 due to the bonus levels applied via taming effectiveness. I thinking about making wild dinos “non-tameable” and only allowing players to acquires dinos via finding and hatching wild fertilized eggs or by “stealing” a baby dino and having the player “passive tame” the baby dino. My “work around” for my problems works fine, but it would be nice if the fertilized could inherit the real dino’s stats, with level ups applied, as opposed to inheriting stats from the temporary dino that I spawn in and delete. My way would also create a baby with different colors than the supposed parent dino.

Also is it possible to “remap” Dino_Character_BP to avoid remapping each individual dino?

PS… thanks for posting the BP snippet on how to get a dino’s level.