New To Maya 2015!

Hi everyone,

I’m new to Maya 2015 does anyone knows a tutorial series for beginners i have some modeling and animating experience with blender.
and how to set maya units for unreal engine.


I used the 3D buzz ones. This was ages ago, but I remember them being very good…


I just looked at Digital Tutors, you have 1515 getting started tutorials and 11235 tutorials for Maya.
It’s not free but you don’t need to run everywhere. Next you have very good specialized tutorials too.

Good luck


i think i will consider being a Digital Tutors member is only 29mo plus i will get a bunch of tutorials more and they have Unreal Engine lessons.

look on youtube for autodesk’s own tutorials, I think the ones for maya would mostly apply to LT and they have some on Maya LT as well.

autodesk’s site has starter videos & tutorials, as well. I’d try those 2 places first.

TIP : Try 1 or 2 month (Maybe 3 month i don’t know) at 29$ and Stop Subscription , you will get 20$/22$ month if you don’t stop subscription :o

I am not sure in Dollars , i am in €uro