New to making pixel art and have made a tile set, each tile is 64 by 64 pixels. Getting a line in between sometimes as character is strafing across platform. Info on what this is?

So I made a tile set in Photoshop and imported it into Unreal with no issues, applied 2d settings to the texture then extracted sprites. They seem to tile perfectly, snapping to each pixel in unreal world space, however sometimes while testing the game in the editor while my prototype character is running across the tiles I made I can see a seem, vertically between my tiles, is this something with Unreal or am I not sizing correctly in Photoshop.
Please help.
This is a picture of what I am getting.

Can you post your tile map texture? That may help us figure out what’s going on.

I’ve had this issue before. It does not look like your tiles have a gap around the edge.
You should try making your sprite sheet into a Tile Sheet.

Then find your “Tile Sheet” → Right click → and select “Condition Tile Sheet Texture”

This adds a border around the edges and stops the background from being visible.

Set texture filter to Nearest.

Your texture → Right click → Edit → Expand “Texture” section → Filter → Nearest