New to Game making

Good day all.

I would like to start using the unreal engine to start making games and have a one questions.

Do I need to know any form of programming language?

All help would be greatly appreciated, I would also love to share my vast creative juices an ideas in terms of creating a game.

Not really, but it would help.
If you follow the tutorials, you’ll have no problem in understanding the concepts and in starting to create your own stuff.

@EvilCleric Thanks so much, I have been following Virtus learning hub, it has been very informative. If there are anymore you can recommend it would be greatly appreciated.

video tutorials can help, but there are a lot of good tutorials you will find in text off of bantube, and some of the rather professional bantube video series on UE4 give bad advice, so be careful and look up many different options you have to achieve your desired goal, as theres rarely just one way to get something done… some of the bad advice one of the channels was giving out is they tend to tell people to use event ticks for just about everything in situations where they really arent needed… so though these videos are professionally done, you can still get some bad advice from them

It would be nice with an approved list.