New to Game Development

Hello Guys!

I am NOOB, a newbie, a beginner in Game Development. I have experience in Programming such as VB.Net, C#.Net, HTML, PHP, Java Script, CSS. Although I have experience in programming, I’m not a professional I think. I mostly used programming with Hardware (Arduino, Atmel, Raspberry Pi), creating platform and GUI for the Hardware. I want to try something new and reading on magazines and internet articles I found the Unreal Engine.

Can I suddenly jump on learning Unreal Engine? or is there a proper procedure to follow to before learning Unreal Engine?

If I can learn it without any prerequisite, where should I start first? Is there a proper tutorial(PD or Video) I can follow for beginners like me?

I need your guidance and opinion!

Thank You!

hi, welcome to the forum and UE4:)

there isn’t really any proper procedure or anything and yes you can just jump right in.

well first I would recommend you download all the examples and samples from the learn tab in the launcher, that way you can take them apart and see how things are put together as well as build on or experiment with them…ect.

you should also take a look at the documentation and the unreal engine youtube channel, they have lots of info and you should be able to learn about pretty much everything related to using the engine from those links.

others will probably have more suggestions as well but that’s all I can think of right now, oh and there is this forum and the UE4 answerhub if you stuck on anything.

hope that helps:)

Welcome to the community loyalz, UE4 is definitely something that you can jump into right away (I did it 6 months ago), and it is definitely something that can be used by anyone, regardless of past experience/prerequisites. As for learning, I suggest you take a look at the UE4 YouTube Channel, like mentioned, maybe my tutorial series (see my signature) is something that you might like, as it is made for beginners. Oh and don’t be afraid to ask on the forums (we don’t bite) if you have a question, we are always happy to help.

Thank You for your advice and opinion. I’ll first read the documentation. Thanks for the support!

Thank You Sir! After familiarizing myself on the controls and trying the sample project. I would certainly try your CoD Tutorials. I hope that you would help me in my questions.

Beside reading the documentation and watching videos, I personally would recommend you to directly start with a small project so that you have a “goal” -> so just learn the basics of the engine and try to create something. As it was already mentioned, when you have questions, just ask them here in the forum -> we are always here to help :smiley:

Thank You Sir!

I would like to reccomend KitatusStudios books!
They are extremely easy to understand (Well, they were for me!) and well made!

Get them here! ://

P.S. Another Pi user!

Hello everyone,
I am new to developing games I’m currently going through SNHU to get my degree in game development and programming, I don’t really have much experience in game making but i am willing to learn. I would appreciate any advice along the way.

Thank you very much!