New to game development and programming

I am extremely new to the world of game development and programming (currently working on improving my coding skills) and, as part of one of my courses, am introducing myself to the gaming community. I currently have an idea in my head for an indie horror game, but what I want to make is far outside what my skillset would allow me to create. So I guess I am reaching out to ask for any advice, resources, or input on how to best make the idea a reality. To give a brief idea of the game I want to make: it would be a survival-style psychological horror PC game based on actual childhood nightmares. I know that this sounds very similar to games like Among the Sleep and Little Nightmares, but I want to stay away from clearly defined protagonists and antogonists, choosing instead to utilize atmospheric terror in a similar way to Visage and Trenches. It is all still a rough outline, but I think a cool mechanic would be to have the player upload a photo image of an important person in their life to be used as part of the authenticity of the fear felt while playing the game. Not sure how that would work logistically and legally, but I do think it would add a personal touch to the game, making it a unique experience to that specific player.