new to game design trying to figure out what the type of game it is.

I’m new to all of this. I’m trying to create a game kind of like anno, command and conquer. that type of view and where you place the buildings where you want. I’m looking at blueprints and the only thing I see close is top down but that still has a player. Is that the right blue print and I need to start with that or is there another that would work better. Thanks in advance!!

I’d suggest to setup an empty blueprint in which you put a camera at a certain angle and add the logic it needs to scroll to the desired location, once the mouse cursor hits the screen edge(or implement “on right click down”-scroll logic). Then you reference this blueprint as your main player and from that, creating your game.

The Genre is RTS and I don’t think there’s anything like that in Unreal already setup.

However you can search RTS in the unreal marketplace and might find some handy things if you don’t mind spending a bit of cash.

Here’s 2 I found that may be useful.