New to game creation. Need a buddy system?

Hello, I have always wanted to make games to some degree. I have been doing little tutorials on the third person blueprints and the stuff built in to the unreal engine tool itself. I am seeking some fresh like minded people to help me stay on task with making progress as a game designer. It’s fairly difficult to lose motivation as a solo artist. I find it easier to gain ground in the field if I have a small team for moral support and to bounce ideas off of. I primarily just want some friends that can help me set small goals and guide me to achieve them as well as making things together and getting feedback on each others projects. I work a full time job and do other things in my free time so I’m just struggling to maintain a schedule despite my overwhelming desire to take on this hobby. My hopes are that it will turn into more than just a hobby. So any one want to get together on a discord or skype call some time and just kind of chat while creating things. I would really enjoy the companionship. My Discord name is Mr_No_Face#8687. Reply here or hit me up on discord.