New to development. Looking for tips/suggestions

Hello, I was just wondering if you guys had any suggestion of an online class or tutorial for a beginner. I have tried looking for them myself but most of them seem to just tell you what to do and not explain anything. I’m looking for something that will teach me. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Are you wanting to learn how to code in C++ or are you wanting to learn how to use Unreal Engine 4, or what exactly? In my opinion there aren’t a lot of great tutorials or documentation even though many claim there are and will send you said materials & maybe they themselves worked hard on making them, but my personal suggestion on learning how to at least use Unreal Engine 4(without any coding), is to download some of the free projects on the launcher or even buy a few on the marketplace, open them up, and try changing them to what you want, learn how they work first hand. Have time set aside and start clicking buttons and seeing what everything does. Ask yourself the question of why you can never find any tutorials that allow you to do something with the quality of something you’d be able to buy on the marketplace instead(not that everything on the marketplace is great either). It is because they have the interest of making money, if you learn how to do the things they sell, they could end up losing money. It will be nice to have better tutorials if and when someone decides to make them. You’ll do better if you don’t have such an open ended question to be honest. If you want to know something specifically like, “how do I create a cube in my game level?” It will be as simple as people telling you to drag the cube onto the viewport using the left mouse button. In my opinion there is a huge lack of teaching that goes on in the game development community in general, mostly driven by a greed perspective. Coding in general was founded on principles of greed & secrecy, if you are one of the few people in the world who knew how to do it, you could make the most money, why would they want anyone else to know how to do it or make it simple enough for anyone to be able to do? Therefore, you’ll get to learn the most if you buy stuff on the marketplace and see how it works when you open it up & yes it’d be far simpler to have someone teach you it, but I’ve yet to find anything better myself, and I’ve seen all of the suggestions people give. It’s only been the past few years really that more people have decided to try and teach coding & game development to others(years ago I used to frequently see people shout eachother down to go buy outdated books to learn because that is the way they did it, so you should have to do it that way as well) but I feel we are still 5-10 years away from where game development teaching needs to be. I still laugh when people are directed to materials such as, ‘Person 1 appears:’ please take a look at my 10 part series that is many years outdated already, and barely describes enough detail to let anyone create anything advanced, and is made with my outdated plugin that you have to buy a membership to my website to be able to use. It’s definitely the best way to learn. Person 2 appears: Oh yes his tutorial is the best, it’s the only way I learned how to code/use ue4 back when I first started, don’t listen to anyone else.’

If you want to learn how to make models, or textures, I can try to find you some good video tutorials on them as I had seen some in the past, but when it comes to coding, blueprints, networking and basically anything that is advanced, you will find it very difficult to find anything worth mentioning to help teach you.

One suggestion I have if you are open to learning from others in the community, which would be the best way to learn because it allows you to actually ask questions(tutorials & classes generally don’t let you do this and it is vital), is to put in your post if you are an adult or not, your timezone and your native language, and what methods of communication you are willing to use, this way someone, such as myself may be willing to teach you what we know. I’m not an expert but I would not mind teaching you what I’ve learned, as you may end up being able to teach me something as well once you’ve progressed which I’d be grateful for as I’ve yet to befriend any knowledgeable person here yet in all the years I’ve been here. I’m apparently one of the few that does not have the time is money attitude *sigh.

thank you for your reply pine. As you can see by my post, I also found it hard to find a good class or tutorial. I am looking to learn to code in C++ and use UE4. I am new to both. I have used unity so I am not completely new to working with different engines but I didn’t have the time when I was doing that to fully commit to learning everything. Although I did enjoy it and now that I do have the time to be able to commit to it I would like to get back into it but I decided to go with UE4 this time around.

Do you have any suggestions of free projects to download from the store or would any of them work?

I am definitely open to learning from the community. I am 24 years old in the EST zone. I am willing to use most forms of communication.

Thanks for your response Pine. As you can see by my post. I also found out that there aren’t many good classes or tutorials out there online. I am looking to learn C++ and UE4 as I am new to both and both intrigue me. I have used unity before so I’m not completely new to game engines but I’m sure UE4 isn’t the same. I didn’t do much on unity as I was very busy at the time but it did interest me and now I have the time but I wanted to try with UE4 this time around.

I am willing to learn from the community as well. I am 24 years old in the EST zone.

There are definitely good tutorials out there.

  1. theres Udemy: Top Unreal Engine Courses Online - Updated [April 2021] | Udemy It does cost money, yes. However for whatever reason, its always only 10 bucks instead of 30. I suggest checking out the free ones if they suit your needs and learning style. Also they get updated very frequently to fit new engine versions!

  2. This godlike guy posts many many tutorials and guides, all for free! And yes, he updates them also regularly. I’ve learned a shitload of stuff from him.

Regarding personal tutors: I suggest to stay away from it. The forums here and the answer hub as well as other fan forums usually yield the answer :slight_smile: I got almost all my questions here answered and got lots of suggestions for new ideas or alternative approaches. Bonus: Finding members for game jam teams is easy and makes a lot of fun!

So have fun with the engine and by the way: welcome to the forums!

Pine’s response is interesting to me because I’ve been thinking a lot about the nature of tutorials. The problem is that the creators want you to keep coming back for more so they can keep making money. So the end goal isn’t to teach you something, it’s to make you rely on them. When I checked out some of the videos of the bigger channels, it seems like they just tell you what to do instead of making sure you understand what’s going on.

Anyways, there are no general all purpose tips when it comes to game development. There are too many aspects to it. You’re going to have to be more specific if you want help.

I have tried udemy when I was messing around with unity. I paid for a couple “classes” that were pretty highly rated and they were all just people telling you what to do rather than teaching you how to do it. I had a pretty cool game that I made but by the time I was about halfway through with it I realized that I barely learned anything because the entire class was just the guy telling me what to do. He didn’t explain what anything meant or do anything to teach. I tried a few different classes on there and they were all the same.

I will check out and thank all of you guys for your help.