New to animation and confused by perspective

So, for the longest time I’ve only been doing digital art, and it was only last year that I really started trying to learn to use one-point and two-point perspective properly, meaning I’m not the greatest with understanding when and how to use them.

I’m trying to practice animation by using a list of upcoming movies exercises I found online, and I’m still on the very basic ones. It’s been fine with the bouncing ball and character head turn exercises, but now that I’m at the “brick falling from shelf one” I’ve been having loads of trouble.

I’ve looked up multiple examples people have done of the same exercise, and I thought it’d be easy because cubes are so basic for perspective, but when I tried it in one-point I found that I couldn’t make the brick fall because the twists and turns didn’t seem to be possible. But in two-point I can’t keep a flat view of the shelves?

I’m just hoping there’s something I’m not getting here that you guys can give me clarity on? Or any advice at all when it comes to perspective in animation. Thank you in advanced!

I think you posted your question to the wrong forum.
How does your 2d animation learning connect to Unreal Engine?