New to all this

Hey, my name is gen, i am trying to make a game but i am confused because i don’t know what the cost would be to release my game, i am a armature when it comes to releasing a game, please can any dum down the process of releasing game please,
also i am trying to make a 3d mmorpg, and i want to know if mmorpg type of game will have the same cost as a normal game, can someone please explain this to me please

I feel like this is a troll, but I’ve had enough coffee so I’m going to bite anyway.

Building a 3D MMO-RPG as an amateur will only cost you 20 good years of your life and the opportunity cost of everything you could make or have in this time.
Possibly also your sanity.

Have a look here for WOW server costs in 2011

Why does no one want to make a simple action game?
They are “easy” and usually fun.

well i made a very simple game that took me 6 months and that kind of messed my head up a few times.

I found myself hiding in a forest from hmm … nothing…
I really dont think its a good idea to go alone in making an MMO-RPG. seriously… game development madness just creeps up on ya.

Don’t say I didnt warn you.

Designing a complex game with little experience is like constructing an office building with little experience, you can have severe problems down the road. Start out small, learn your way around the engine, and then re-evaluate your knowledge, and repeat.