New to ADK questions (Boss Tribute modding)

Spent the weekend watching videos, reading tutorials and poking around the dev kit (much thanks to the community for all the helpful info so far!).

So, as a first mod I decided to try changing the Tribute recipes to access boss fights. I made child copies of the relevant “PrimalItem_BossTribute…” blueprint files. I then edited the “Base Crafting Resource Requirements” section of each file. Created a blank level with the mod name, created a PrimalGameData_BP_Modname and entered mod name/description.

What I’m guessing I’m missing is a way to hook the “BossTribute” blueprints to the PrimalGameData blueprint in my mod folder so that when I cook the mod it knows to use those files to override the game files. What little I know on this is that there are sections in PrimalGameData_BP for remaping specific file types (supply crates, engrams, items, etc).

So my primary question is how do I remap those files in the mod so the changes get cooked/take effect, and is there a tutorial/general advice for figuring this out for other file types?

If you want your mod to be stackable then you’re going to have to do it all custom. Otherwise, I’m sure you can just make a TC and change the files how you want.
I never messed with the bosses but I do know of a mod that takes the normal game bosses and lets them be spawnable on the map with same stats, as “world bosses”, they are also tamable.
While typing this. I went into the ADK and did a quick search “Tribute” It pulled all tribute BP’s. Wasnt too hard to spot the ones that would be needed. Just make copies. Change the “required” items and make it admin spawn only. Place a few down where you think people will enjoy them. Or slap em right next to the original terminals.
As far as this mod goes you should only need to edit a couple files. Everything else should already be linked together. I pulled up a few BP’s and screenshot to show you. Hope this helps.
Since it’s your first mod. Make sure to copy everything into your own mod folder/rename them, before you do any edits.

This should contain all the asset files related to bosses. Please note the files in the screenshot first, then this list.

│ PrimalGameData_WorldBosses.uasset
│ WorldBosses.umap
│ WorldBosses_DinoTamedInventoryComponent.uasset
│ WorldBosses_Dino_Character_BP.uasset
│ WorldBosses_ElementDrop_Item.uasset

│ WorldBoss_DinoAttackStateMelee_Dragon.uasset
│ WorldBoss_DinoAttackStateMinionsDragon.uasset
│ WorldBoss_DragonAttackStateFire.uasset
│ WorldBoss_Dragon_Character_BP_Easy.uasset
│ WorldBoss_Dragon_Character_BP_Hard.uasset
│ WorldBoss_Dragon_Character_BP_Medium.uasset
│ WorldBoss_Dragon_Entry_Easy.uasset
│ WorldBoss_Dragon_Entry_Hard.uasset
│ WorldBoss_Dragon_Entry_Medium.uasset
│ WorldBoss_Wyvern_AIController_BP.uasset

│ WorldBoss_Gorilla_AIController_BP.uasset
│ WorldBoss_Gorilla_Character_BP_Easy.uasset
│ WorldBoss_Gorilla_Character_BP_Hard.uasset
│ WorldBoss_Gorilla_Character_BP_Medium.uasset
│ WorldBoss_Gorilla_Entry_Easy.uasset
│ WorldBoss_Gorilla_Entry_Hard.uasset
│ WorldBoss_Gorilla_Entry_Medium.uasset

│ WorldBoss_Manticore_Character_BP_Easy.uasset
│ WorldBoss_Manticore_Character_BP_Hard.uasset
│ WorldBoss_Manticore_Character_BP_Medium.uasset
│ WorldBoss_Manticore_Entry_Easy.uasset
│ WorldBoss_Manticore_Entry_Hard.uasset
│ WorldBoss_Manticore_Entry_Medium.uasset

│ └───CoreBlueprints
│ ├───HarvestComponents│
│ DinoDeathHarvestingComponent_Huge_MeatOnly_AndChitin.uasset
│ DinoDeathHarvestingComponent_Medium_ChitinAndHide.uasset
│ │
│ └───Items
│ └───Armor
│ └───Shields
│ PrimalItemArmor_TekShield.uasset

│ ├───Progression
│ Engram_WorldBossesProgressionObelisk.uasset
│ Engram_WorldBossSpawner_Spider_Easy.uasset
│ PrimalInventoryBP_TributeTerminal_Base_WorldBosses.uasset
│ PrimalItemStructure_WorldBosses_ProgressionObelisk.uasset
│ WorldBossesStorageBox_ProgressionObelisk.uasset


Thanks for the info. I was afraid I’d have to do something like that. Thankfully, this is part of some larger goals which is looking like it will be a TC so I will just go that route.

No problem, hopefully it helps a bit. TC would be easier since you have more freedom to do stuff.