New Taming Food?

Is it possible to create a new food that can be used to tame something like a Gigantopithecus?

I’ve done a quick try, copying one of the berries into a new kind. When trying to tame the Gigantopithecus with that berry, it told me that I need to use taming food (or a message similar to that).

Are the foods that are considered taming food configured per Dino? if yes, how would I be able to mod it in, without overriding the Dino config. I want to keep the mod clean and stackable.

Thank you very much for any information you can give me on that! Very much appreciated!


I think these are all set in each dino, which means you would have to override the dino.

make a parent file of the berry you want to use then change that file to what ever you want

Yep, that’s how I got it to work, by parenting my berry to an existing one. That worked! Thanks!

Now I noticed another problem though. In my berry I’m trying to affect the Food level of the dino when Remote-Using the berry.
The berries only seem to take positive food values into consideration. When trying add negative values, it pretty much ignores the value.
And Remote-Use has no effect what so ever, unless I set “Force Use Item Add Character Stats on Dinos”, but then it immediately sets the food value to 0. Does anyone know how that flag works? Which stats does it consider? Where can I specify what to do with the food stat?

Thank you very much in advance!

So what I figured out is…if I set the Force flag, and set “Use Item Add Character Status Values” to a small value like -0.5, it decreases the food value by 100-200 per berry.
Unfortunately, now the berry doesn’t work anymore when you eat it yourself or when you peacefully tame a dino (by having the berry in to right-most slot). I guess the value is now much too low to make a difference for that purpose.

What am I doing wrong? I’d like to use that food for both purposes, and in both cases reduce the food-level by 100-200 per berry (when fed via Remote-Use and also when eaten by themselves).

I too am curious as how to resolve this, I have made a sedative that reduces the food stat and set it to reduce it by 300, works fine on a conscious Dino but on an unconscious one, wipes out the bar. I too have used the ‘Force Use Item Add Character Stats on Dinos’ to get it to work on Dinos