New Talisman Demo Templates Now Available for UEFN

Check out the Talisman: Environment and Talisman: MetaHuman Templates to see how combining MetaHumans with a high-fidelity environment can totally change the look and feel of your Fortnite islands.

CLO Virtual Fashion is offering a free one-year license for Marvelous Designer so that you can create dynamic clothing for your own MetaHumans in UEFN projects.

Find out more at New Talisman Demo Templates Now Available for UEFN

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Hey Flak,

I’d just confirm about New Learning Assets.
The documentation related to Talisman mentions Learning Assets. However, this page states that USD files created in Unreal Engine can be reviewed, but I couldn’t find any downloadable links. Is there any additional information about these learning assets?
(I also checked within the project files created in UEFN, but I couldn’t find any uproject files :cry: )

Thank you for your hard work!

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Hey there, hi

Open the MetaHuman (Bridge) template and have a look at the
camera_switch_mode_device.verse file.

You will find a comment with the link in there.


Thank you for confirming!

It was crealy by your advice, I found that!

As for the free 1y license of Marvelous Designer, the “Apply for a unique coupon code” link (bottom of the page) points to the Creator’s Portal homepage. I don’t see any code or special information about it. How to get it?

Edit: Nevermind, I realized it was because I haven’t enrolled as a creator yet.

Will this be coming to UE5? Or at least allow us to look inside the materials so we can apply the learning to our own projects…

All the materials are read only… how are we supposed to make assets to work for UEFN with this if we can’t look at how its behaving?

I think the vertex colors part is specifically where the magic happens. If we can’t see how that data is being used, how can we best design assets in UEFN?

" Designing Materials Using Dynamic Material Control

Textures and materials are often the largest part of any UEFN project. To further reduce the project size, the template uses a dynamic approach to textures and materials that avoids the use of unique texture maps. For this final result, a procedural workflow that stores ambient occlusion, curvature, and mask data on the mesh using Vertex Colors was used. The stored data was then used to apply and blend the materials."

Hello all, i have downloaded talisman metahuman template but, i am not able to see these asset in the project file which are show in the screenshot, I am not able to find this downloadable assets.

What happened to us being able to review these assets? I must have downloaded UEFN five+ times since it was said that you would be able to see how it was created. Disappointing. Entirely.

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Agreed - @Flak any word on this?