New Tabletop RPG Tool built in UE4 coming to Kickstarter

Boilerplate Studios is excited to announce out upcoming Kickstarter for the Adventure Forge built on UE4. Head on over to our page to see what its all about! Follow us on Twitter to stay up to date with the latest information and stayed tuned for an in depth look next week!



If you have feedback, we would love to hear from you!

Our character artist consistently makes me jealous with his fast sculpting skills!

He’s coming along nicely!

Here’s an environment photo from a few builds ago. Unreal is pretty awesome at dynamic lighting and fog!

The Behemoth Blueprint!

Working on making this tool faster and faster while keeping it simple. Less than 5 minutes of work and I had a village… without taking a village.

This Hill Giant is on a low carb diet!

Naming conventions are important when working with massive UMGs! The lock feature is super helpful for selecting lower levels and not mucking everything up!

Quick little video of the dice roller working.

Trying to get the Main Menu blueprint back into order after a hard week of work!

All nice and organized!

Did some reconfiguring on the Character Workshop to make things faster, more intuitive, and just plain simpler. 8 paint slots on that miniature!

Naming conventions are super important. Especially with massive UMGs. Would love to see Categories fully implemented for UMGs. Would also love to see a feature that allows you to drop button events in place where ever you are in the event graph. Annnnd… would love to see the bug of the auto expanding UMG hierarchy fixed. Still madly in love with Unreal Engine 4 and UMG though!

We are really excited to begin our Kickstarter campaign tomorrow for the Adventure Forge!

The Adventure forge is live on Kickstarter! If you play a table top RPG through the web then this is for you!

Working on some Dwarven Mines for my own group this fall!