New: Swappy Frame Pacer for Android (Beta)

How to run Swappy Frame Pacer for Android?

I am interested in that too.

I am a newbie regarding unreal engine.

I had a look at the docs (Frame Pacing for Mobile Devices | Unreal Engine Documentation) but it’s not clear to me how it works.

What I am trying to achieve is a very simple demo (it can be just one moving cube) that runs at 60 fps, does both the game logic and the rendering within 1 frame time and displays the rendered frame immediately after that at the first vsync.

That seems to be possible according to the android game sdk documentation by using non-pipeline mode (Frame Pacing Library  |  Android Developers fig 7).

Can anybody give me some hints?

i tried add cooker option in editor, config file Default Engine,Game
and Android Device Profile include +CVars but nothing happen.
we need example