New Survival Project

Hello there,
we are a little group of beginner developers, with an idea and started to develop it.
It will be a Multiplayer game, then i studied how to do it; and take inspiration by ( and (

Actually i’m locked with Host function, i hope someone can help us; i try to explain what i did step by step, so you can understand.

1)Create blueprint third person project;

2)Create an IstanceGame blueprint, an Enumeration called “State” and a folder with 2 widgets: MainMenu and loading screen;

3)Put right GameInstance blueprint called ProjectInstance in Project Settings;

4)Create Main Menu widget called MM with Host button ( and Quit button (

5)For main menu open the blueprint of empty level called MM_Temp (, create function inside gameinstance blueprint (, create Show Main Menu (, creating a variable called CurrentState type State, made 2 macro ( and (

6)Create Loading Screen widget (, function inside gameinstance blueprint (

7)Host Game (

Result if i play in a new window:, click on Host and the application lock here show my message error from creation session.

nobody know how to build host function?

Problem Solved!