New survival game - Looking for like-minded, enthusiastic people to join my team.


I have been working in industry as a games tester for the past 2 years since graduating university (First Class Honors in Computer Games Design).

My next goal is to either create my own game or get a job as a developer. I now want to work on my own game in my spare time. I miss the creative side of games development and want to get back into Unreal Engine 4 and start learning again and gaining experience. This would also be a great opportunity to add to any portfolios.

I am looking for like minded people, who would also like to work on a brand new project and see it come to life. Learn and share knowledge with one another and see a project to the end.

I am currently looking for the following roles:

  • Network programmer (Setting up of dedicated servers, replication of player animations and inventories etc).
  • Artists (Mainly 3D but U.I. and concept art is also desired).
  • Animator (Rigging of character and custom animations, weapon animations etc).
  • Designer (Level design, mechanics, missions etc).

If you have some knowledge in one of the above, as long as you are dedicated, willing to learn and put in the time, this could be a great fit for you. Like I say, looking to learn along the way myself so any help is appreciated.

Some similar types of games I would like to take inspiration from are Rust, Escape from Tarkov, DayZ. I by no means want to be one of them “Oh great, another survival game” flops.

I want to create a realistic, fun experience for the hardcore survival game genre fans out there.

If this sounds like something you are interested in, please get in touch. I have a general idea on how I want the game to work and can discuss in further detail.


Hello @Bowwers,

I love the Sci-fi Survival Genre like Day Z, and some of the others. But I was getting burned out and started looking for something totally different then the rest. I always wanted to do something ‘Cosmic Horror’ like the Stephen King’s The Mist. That was my inspiration to start designing a Alien/Kaiju Survival Terror in which Players struggle to survive in world being destroyed (per-apocolyptic) in a War between Alien Kaiju and Earth’s Ultra-Tech Defense Forces.

Do you plan to have any sci-fi elements, monsters, horde creatures, etc in your game?

Hi @TechLord. Unfortunately not. Sci-fi is something I don’t tend to enjoy in video games (love it in movies and there are occasionally exceptions). I am a big fan of true to life details, like weapons and environments. I like to pick up a weapon in game and instantly just know what it is, the look, caliber, fire rates etc as well as in depth survival mechanics. Realism is a big thing for me. This is why the likes of Escape from Tarkov really appealed to me.

I do hope you get to bring your idea to life though! You sound very passionate about it!

Ah shucks. But I do understand. Yes. I am passionate about it the game concept. I spent a fortune on assets and spent the past 3 years mastering Blueprints Networking.I’ve written a Interactive Fiction Short and super short story that won me prizes and led into the development of this project. From that project, I will spin off into the Kaiju Survior Terror. Both games will share the same networking so players can cross play in both virtual worlds with their characters, talents, etc.

I’m currently engrossed in development of BAD*MORFO which is the editor framework used to customize character armor, creatures, weapons, architecture, and other content in the game collaboratively in realtime. I’m also responsible for developing the character/camera controls, weapons, and learning some 3D modeling/materials/animation to boot.

I truly wish the best on your game dev journey. Managing a Royalty-based team is very challenging as dev come and go. If you change your mind you can find me on discord. Take Care.

Hi, it sounds like an interesting project! Do you have anyone else on your team?

Realistic and fun sounds like a good start (although survival isn’t always that fun, eh), but if you don’t want a “oh great, another survival game!” flop as you put it, you might need an angle to the project that sets it a little bit aside from other survival games. Have you thought of any?

I’m a level design person myself btw, my speciality is interiors and dungeons (mostly for games like Skyrim and Fallout 4), but I’ve tried to learn more on both level design and game design with the years. Of survival games I know and have played cough Fallout 76 and The Long Dark. The first one has a lot of great level design, and the last one is a recommended survival game.

Agree with @Chiaro22 . The Long Dark is a personal favorite survival game of mine.

I am glad to hear that Sci-fi is not something you are interested in. Curiously, what would you think more along the lines of nearly a pure primitive survival with the highest tier being forged metal? I am a huge fan of a more primal setting, stripped of everything you may know and it purely be about you vs nature. Pvp could be a thing but I am not really into the whole Rust mentality of killing everyone you see for their loot but rather working together or solo, making allies, or enemies haha.

I’m surprised no one has bothered to ask what skills you can bring to the table other than an idea / dream & being able to play / test a game as any monkey can do that. What have you got to offer the project? Skills ? or a tonne of money ? I’m just curious. Because if you have nothing to offer and are just the main idea’s man then you’ll want a fair bit of cash behind you as no one will work for free

@D9_Dozer Yeah true. But I guess no one is really interested so this may have to be something I work towards solo. Stopped checking my inbox as no one was replying. Totally understand the not wanting to work for free aspect of it but if I am game, surely there are others out there that feel the same. I did mention I was looking to learn along the way but have some knowledge in blueprints. I like the UI side of things and creating mechanics as well as level design. Maybe a link to some previous work would have been a good idea haha so here is one:

Will keep checking back every now and then and see if anyone peeks an interest.