New structure

Hi there.
So i Have made this new structure and I want it to be made on the fabricator, but I cant find that setting that allows me to choose where to build it.
Anyone that can help?

Another question. I’ve seen a mod where you can rename the item diffrent colors (red, blue, teal etc) and then the lamp changes to that color. How do I do that?

Best regards

Anyone??? Anything??

Come on ppl. I know some of you know something…

These should point you in the right direction

Create Engram ,Engram be Give Blueprint to Player Inventory = True

I’ll have a look. Thx :slight_smile:

If “Give Blueprint to Player Inventory = True” I still cant build it. I can finde the engram an unlock it, but can not craft it.The original structure is being build in smithy, and it will not be craftet in inventory…