New structure variable is unusable?

I have just now found out how really stupid idea is editing a structure.
All my blueprints got totally messed up after I just added one new variable.
So I have been fixing it around 30 minutes.
Now when I finally fixed it I see that the variable is simply unusable. it appears in the actors as a field (the variable is Text) however if I set some default variable, in the actors the field is just empty, it has the restart to default value button next to it , but it does not do anything and I can not even edit the variable in the actor manually.

Yes, Blueprint doesnt like it much when you manipulate Structures that are in use in a lot of places.

Common things you can do to work with Structures easier:

  • never directly “Break” a structure, instead make a function that breaks it, this way when you’re going to add variable to the structure, it will just break at one place: your function
  • when you change a structure -> “Refresh all nodes” in Blueprints where you have compile errors, it often times fix all problems
  • delete / recreate nodes that prompt errors
  • when dealing with corrupted nodes / blueprint, delete ALL references to culprit structure (reroute nodes, variables, temporary variables, inputs & outputs)
  • default values when “Making Struct” are not updated if the Blueprint where they are written are currently open (random bug?!)