New Star Wars Action/Adventure Game (done with UE4)

Anyone know anymore about this?:

Looks like a UE4 intressting game! :slight_smile:

There’s nothing to see yet. I’d expect to be waiting a while unless it’s being shown at E3.

That’s kind of odd, since doing it for EA I would expect them to use Frostbite3, though that also makes me wonder if Titanfall 2 is with UE4 as well. First game was done with Source

To my knowledge Titanfall 2 is also Source. It’s no surprise they’re using UE4, unless a studio has good reasons for changing engines (and they have to be good reasons, because changing is very expensive), they’ll stick with what they know. It’s quite possible the members of this development team are reasonably experienced with Unreal already.

With EA if a studio does certain things for a project, like integrate Origin or use Frostbite then they can increase their budget, which is probably why Bioware switched all of their games to Frostbite.

Bioware is completely owned by EA. I’ve been inside EA Montreal’s office building, it contains Bioware, Visceral, and EA Mobile.

Humm?, single player RPG game or MMO?..

…They say its a action/aventure game!? Do you think that its a RPG??? :slight_smile:

…Hope its something like KOTOR game! :smiley:

…But hope its NOT a MMO TOR style game!!! :frowning:

I’m sure we’ll find out about at least one of the new Star Wars games at E3