New Standard Character/Skeleton Asset Available?


The “Realistic Female Player Anims” on the Marketplace mentions “the updated UE4 character” in it’s description. I’ve not seen this mentioned anywhere but it seems to be available as this animation pack is using it. 4.8 Preview perhaps?

Does this have a new skeleton structure and/or default pose?

Is this available for people creating animations for the Marketplace? If so who do I need to contact?

Any information would be appreciated,


I’m not sure whether you want support for an item you purchased on the marketplace, or want to make an animation set for the marketplace with the new 4.8 character. But I’ll assume the latter :smiley:

Since 4.8 isn’t officially released, I’m pretty sure they haven’t put out any files with the new character skeleton. However, you can just export the skeletal mesh as an FBX from UE4 and import it into the software you’re using to animate. So it wouldn’t surprise me if some of the people making marketplace content already have a jump on this.

If you’re using blender, importing the skeletal mesh into blender will create an extra root bone, which will cause cause problems when you try to take your animations back into the engine. There’s a trick to fixing this and I have spent the last few days trying to figure it out. No luck yet, but I’m sure they’ll put out an official version later, especially if I harass them enough…

Thanks for the reply Snow. Been away from the forums for a while and hadn’t read the 4.8 Preview notes!

Yes it was the latter, creating animations for the Marketplace, and just confirmation that there’s a new default skeleton we should use.

I’m using MODO and it’s all working really well. The new skeleton is much better (thanks Epic!).

Thanks again Snow, hope you get your Blender problem solved.