New Solus C++ Wiki Tutorial

Dear Everyone,

I’ve just released a new wiki tutorial to celebrate Hourence’s visit to Epic!

Here is a tutorial on how I enabled Hourences to define his own console commands entirely in Blueprints, so he can run any BP code he wants anytime during runtime!

This is another way you as the C++ programmer can empower your entire team in BP!

Custom Console Commands made in C++, defined in BP



Oh that’s awesome!! Thank you Rama, I have been trying to figure out a way of creating custom console commands (without code)… But this code is so simple! I will definitely be using this! :smiley:

I have learned so much through your tutorials and examples, you have a way of making complex items seem so simple and easy to understand (and implement!), so thanks as always for sharing all of this! :slight_smile:

Hee hee thanks for the compliments DotCam!

I am happy you are enjoying my wiki tutorials!