New short film

Here’s my latest short film. I used a metahuman and cc4 for pennywise. Hope you like it.


Hi there @stevefilm2,

Hope you’ve been well!

You definitely have a talent for these horror-themed projects. Your version of Pennywise is definitively more haunting and eerie. Specifically, the emotional pull of the dialogue is absolutely brilliant. It was the jumpscare that really caught me and that deserves all the praise and fearful encouragement I can give. Hope to see more of your spooky projects!

Thanks for continuing to share your work and letting us here on the forums support you :slight_smile:

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Thank you for watch and the kind words. Im working on other stuff right now.


Oooh! Anything we might be able to see?


“Just come in a little closer,” It says. Then the jumpscare almost takes me out of my seat. :smiling_face_with_tear: :laughing:

Your animated short film recreation is impressive and skillfully captures the eerie atmosphere of the respected film’s old and new versions! As @PresumptivePanda has mentioned, I would love to see the other projects you’re also working on! :grin:

Thank you. Ill post it once its finished.

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