New Sci-fi Horror Game - Shadows of Kepler - Demo availabe on October 17th with a Kickstarer

What’s up guys, here is Rodrigo, the producer of the game Shadows of Kepler, currently I live in Brazil. I am writing here because our creative director is from England, Liverpool. So there is a chance to locate our studio there. We are a very small team working on game on our spare time for the last 2 years.

I would like to present you 5 Trailers of our game. We believe with this trailers, people can understand about the game universe. Our game have a very deep story with charismatic characters. It’s about the colonization of the human race in the planet Kepler. But the planet becomes a nightmare.

Our demo (35 min game play) will be released on October 17th with a Kickstarter campaign (will have goal options for PS4, XBOX etc). Right now we are polishing the last details, fixing bugs and working very hard on the optimization part.

We love the Sci-Fi horror universe, we love games and with your help we want to produce the entire game next year. It’s not an easy task, we want 14 months working full time for this game.

If you like our work, please, help us to spread the world, follow us and like our videos, comment and share. It helps a lot.

All we have is the community, we are the developers and the publishers, so we will spent our last resources on this final stage. Basically all we had was spent on GDC 2019, trying to find a partner for our game.

Sorry for the big text, but I was inspired to tell you a little about our journey. Have a nice day.

Game Website: Shadows of Kepler

Facebook page: Shadows of Kepler

Youtube Channel: Shadows of Kepler

With a very limited resources we know we could improve a little bit the animations, particles, sounds and other things, but I hope this doesn’t obscure the idea of the game. All videos are real-time running at 60 fps 4k. The graphics card used is a GTX1080 ti. The feedback of the community is also very important to us.