New Save Cached Pose. What does it do?

Hi. I’ve stumbled onto several tutorials on the documentation that mention Cached Poses and I’ve seen several nodes on the animation Blueprints related to them, but I’ve not been able to find any documentation as to what they are or why I’d want to use them. All the documentation examples (that I’ve seen) use them without explanation and in a way that seems like an extra, unnecessary step.

Can someone point me towards any useful docs, or clue me in? Any help is most appreciated.

In case anyone finds this because they think that “New Saved Cache pose” is missing it only shows up in the Anim Graph not inside states.

You use the cached poses because you can’t plug in a pose into two different inputs, so if you ever have a pose that you would want put in a blend or be the final pose you need to make sure that’s only calculated once and then cached. The cache you can plug into as many other inputs as you need.

I thought the Locomotion Cache partial was a good example. Using Layered Animations | Unreal Engine Documentation

THANK YOU UltraRat! This took me so long to figure out!

Has this been taken out in UE5, As I cann’t find it within any of the settings

It’s still there inn 5.2. Don’t make my mistake - I missed UltraRat’s comment:
“it only shows up in the Anim Graph not inside states